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Funding, 9 days Left

I am reaching out for the last time to my tumblr followers. You probably have seen my hundreds of posts about Manufactured Love. The only reason I’m writing YOU is to say I have 9 days to raise a little over 3000 dollars. If I don’t reach my goal all the work, campaigning will mean nothing. The money will go back to the respected donors and I will have to put my stop-motion project and company on hold. This project means so much to me. I have raised almost 6,000 in 20 days so this goal is very doable. If you can spare anything, 5 dollars, 10 dollars or more that would be awesome! I know it’s a rough time around the holidays to spare anything but any small amount would help and quickly add up. We have some really fun prizes,  so it’s not a charity.  Here is our new video with Artie and Alloy pleading for funding. I really hope we can get your support. If we haven’t talked for a while let’s catch up. Thank you, Thank you.


The kickstarter site is in a link on the video or you can visit it here- 

Hello StopmotionAnimation lovers. My name is Jonathan Franks and I am directing a piece called Manufactured Love. This story originated from a dream I had while listening to “Kings & Queens” by 30 Seconds to Mars. I scribbled down what I perceived to be the background and robots. After collaboration with the producer/writer & the concept artist we came up with a polished story and designs. As of now we are waiting for funding to start producing our 7 minute short. 

I know this site shouldn’t be for me to cry out for funding, but we do NEED support to move forward. ***We just received two backers, $1,000 each, 2 days in a row. 

So look at the page, see what you think and spread it on. Or please help back it. We will be giving away on-set armatures of the robots and spiderbots. Refer to the concept art on the kickstarter page or my HomePage. Thank you, thank you for reading this post.

Also, If you are interested in helping with the project we could arrange a via Skype session before, during or after production. If you’re close to Boston, we can arrange a meeting.

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